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Do You Have a Mini Valentine?


Do You Have a Mini Valentine?

Katherine Freeman

Do You Have a Mini Valentine.jpg

Have a little one that you want to send some love to? Sharing a few of my current favorites for a Valentine basket that sure seem appropriate for the occasion.

  1. Sweet Shirley Doll - These are super cute and affordable!

2. iloveplum Shirley Tutu Dress- what little girl wouldn’t want this?

3. The Miller Bubble - literally the cutest thing that I have EVER seen!

4. Knock off Golden Goose - Palmer has a pair of these and they are pretty legit for the $$

5. Blush Pom Pom Storage - best storage for toys!

6. Words and Your Heart book - I heard this book was wonderful with a good message

7. Hug Machine book - xoxox

8. In My Heart - Another book I am excited to receive. Although Palmer might be a little young for a good message now, collecting sweet books is always fun because they can add up

9. Collective CreationC bows - literally have spent an arm and a leg on bows because Romeo constantly eats them, but these are very affordable and the best quality!

10. Sunglasses - appropriate for the occasion :)

11. All You Need is Love jammies - bought these from one of my very favorite baby stores in baton rouge and new orleans and just realized that you can order online!

12. Modern Blocks - couldn’t resist these! Palmer has been loving stacking blocks (and chewing of course)